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Global Health Summit

Global Health Summit: Consultation with civil society on sustainable health security preparedness and response

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At the Global Health Summit, the G20, invited leaders, heads of international and regional organisations, and representatives of global health bodies, will share lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their goal is to create a ‘Rome Declaration’ including principles which can be a powerful guide for medium to long-term structural change brought about through international cooperation and joint action to prevent future global health crises.

These principles will take into account the views of the scientific community and civil society.

To that end, civil society organisations were invited to contribute to the development of principles by taking part in an online consultation on 20 April 2021.

The consultation took place in 3 consecutive sessions, and civil society organisations were invited to examine the following 3 questions that guided each of the sessions.

Q1.  What is required at global, regional and national levels to ensure effective multilateral, multi-sectoral co-operation to prevent, prepare for and respond to global health crises?

Q2.  What is needed to sustainably secure countries’ public health capacities and health systems’ preparedness and resilience in the face of future global health crises?

Q3.  How can the necessary resources, both domestic and global, be mobilised to address the challenges of sustainable health security preparedness and response at global, regional and country levels?

The discussion was introduced by the European Commission and Italian G20 Presidency, and initiated by commentary from the Global Health Summit scientific expert panel, and civil society organisations.

The European Commission and the Italian G20 Presidency will draft a report outlining the findings of the consultation, which will inform the development of principles.

Civil society consultation agenda
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Civil Society Organisations Consultation participating organisations
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Global Health Summit Outcome Document
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Consultation livestream

The online consultation took place on 20 April 2021

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